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Introducing Thrive Online!

Updated: May 8

Thrive's Online Video Visits are two-way, real-time conferencing between a client and licensed physical therapist over an internet connection. Also known as telehealth, this type of provider visit is rapidly increasing in popularity and will soon be a mainstream method of care delivery.

We use a HIPAA compliant, secure program for your online video visit. Once your appointment is confirmed (either online here or on the phone with us), we will send you an email with all of the steps you need to take to begin.

Here's what you need to get started:

1. An internet connection

2. A computer, phone, or tablet with a webcam and microphone

Some additional logistics include:

1. Place the webcam at eye level so that your therapist can see your face

2. Designate a room for your visit with ~10 feet by 10 feet of clutter-free space

3. Choose a room that is relatively quiet and well lit

4. Wear loose fitting clothing, you'll be active and moving!

5. Think about the top 2 goals you'd like your therapist to help you achieve to help guide our session

Here are some frequently asked questions about online video visits:

Can a physical therapist really help me if we aren't in the same room?

Absolutely! Physical therapists are experts at assessing movement. We can gather a lot of information by observing you as you move about in your space, using several standardized tests to help us guide treatment. You will see your therapist clearly on the screen and be guided through movements, exercises, and activities with skilled cueing and modifications for your body. Physical therapy includes a great deal of education which does not require any hands on treatment.

But is it safe?

Your physical therapist is completely aware of the inherent limitations in online video and in most cases we are able to choose alternate but effective ways to tackle the same goals that we would in-person. It may be very helpful to have a care partner in the room during your visit so they can help with the flow of the visit and learning ways to help you move your best during routines of your daily life, but it is not a necessity. If your therapist does not feel online video visits will be a safe and effective option for your needs, we will let you know and help you find an alternative.

Will I like it?

Telehealth satisfaction ratings on the national level have been extremely high. Many people love the personal, undivided connection they are able to make with their therapist during online video visits.

I'm not good at technology. Can I figure it out?

We believe you can! And we are here to help you every step of the way (we promise there aren't that many). As with everything, there will be a learning curve, but we expect it will be a smooth and hassle free process once you practice a few times.

Do I need fancy equipment?

To begin, you will need a sturdy chair and a wall (which most people have in their homes!). If you already have exercise equipment you've been using or have used in the past (hand weights, bands), it would be great if you had them nearby. Otherwise, rest assured as we are able to ensure a highly effective visit with no fancy equipment at all.

And remember, all you need as far as technology goes is an internet connected device with a microphone and camera!

Will my insurance cover telehealth?

Medicare does not consider physical therapists as one of their approved telehealth providers (YET). Some private insurance companies do, however, and we would be happy to help you look into this. We are happy to help you with figuring out if your insurance company covers online video visits with a licensed physical therapist. In the case that your insurance does not cover online video visits, we offer cash pay rates that are very reasonable for the value of the visits and we even have discounted packages for multiple sessions.

I have a friend in Buffalo, Ithaca, etc, can they do telehealth with Thrive?

Yes! As long as the individual is in New York State. We are so excited to be able to reach AND HELP more people with Parkinson's Disease and other neurologic conditions around the state with specialized physical therapy.

OK, I'm in! How do I get started?

Choose your visit date and time online by clicking here or simply give us a call to schedule. We look forward to launching this program and seeing your smiling face and helping you move your best online!


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