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Our services are tailored to match your unique goals, interests, and challenges. Together, we develop an effective and meaningful program that helps you take control of symptoms and start living life on your terms. We want to help empower you with the knowledge and confidence to realize your incredible potential to Thrive. 





If you would like to explore whether Thrive physical therapy is right for you, we'll help answer any questions you may have in a complimentary, 15-minute phone consultation.


Physical Therapy is recommended for a number of reasons. You may need PT if you:

  • Are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or other neurologic condition.

  • Have a PT prescription from your primary physician, neurologist, or other MD.

  • Have fallen recently, are afraid of falling, or feel unsteady when you are moving.

  • Were recently ill or in the hospital and are not “bouncing back.”

  • Have been referred to a Parkinson's Physical Therapist for the LSVT Big or PWR! Program.

  • Have a loved one telling you that you shuffle when you walk.

  • Have moments when you feel like your feet are glued to the floor.

  • Are having a difficult time moving in bed or getting up from chairs.



Our comprehensive Physical Therapy Program will begin with an evaluation to review your medical history and medications, as well as a physical examination. Then, we collaborate to devise a unique physical therapy plan of care that will address your most important goals, and help you to overcome your biggest functional challenges.

Physical therapy sessions are provided one-on-one, last for one hour, and take place at your preferred location (home, office, fitness center). Frequency and duration of plans vary per client, but typically start with three times per week. Consistent exercise needs to be a way of life. We will cultivate this habit during your physical therapy program and I will give you lots of resources to help you stay in the groove, even once I’m no longer knocking at your door three days a week to make sure! Thrive offers both individual and group wellness and fitness programs - all great options for keeping active once you complete a course of physical therapy.



Our small-group exercise classes are taught by a Board Certified Neurologic Physical Therapist. All classes are evidence-based, which means we use the most up-to-date research on exercise for Parkinson’s disease and other neurologic conditions to benefit your body and brain. Class sizes are kept very small (4-6 people) to provide you with personalized guidance and encouragement. You will be challenged physically and cognitively to do more than you think you can - all in a fun, supportive environment.


All class packages include a FREE initial assessment and ongoing monitoring of your fitness and mobility levels. This information is extremely important to help you track your progress and can provide an early alert if a need arises for a course of skilled physical therapy.



Our one-on-one Wellness & Fitness program is designed for individuals who are generally well or have recently graduated from a physical therapy program. Private Wellness & Fitness is for you if you desire expert guidance to help keep you on-track, motivated, and inspired to get the most out of your workouts and enhance your overall health. We will help you to make sure you are exercising the right way, at the right time, with the correct intensity.

In the convenience of your own home, place of work, gym, or even your favorite park, we will meet 1-2 times per week depending on your current fitness level and wellness/fitness goals. During your 1-hour session we will work on cardiovascular training, Parkinson's specific exercises, and developing a personalized plan to help you maximize your mobility, sleep, stress, nutrition, and happiness.


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